• International Peace Initiatives (IPI) is a Kenya and U.S. based organization that is dedicated to supporting and funding initiatives that mitigate the effects of poverty, disease, discrimination and violence. IPI provides Homes for orphans and vulnerable children, supports African grassroots organizations and community leaders, and provides trainings in peace education and conflict resolution. The IPI tools are education, enterprise and empowerment.

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  • I, Dr. Karambu Ringera, first met a group of women who were who were living with HIV/AIDS in July of 2002. The women were meeting at my mother's home and they all were struggling to support themselves and their children. They asked me whether I could assist them in sending the AIDS orphans to school and also if I could help the women living with AIDS get medication...

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  • Rather than an orphanage, the Amani Homes are a community’s effort to keep their own children home in the community where they grew up, which preserves a child’s network of support.

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  • Travel to Kenya to experience the local culture and customs, the incredible people, and the beauty of its landscapes.

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The Amani Home - Get Involved

International Peace Initiatives (IPI) has made helping orphaned and vulnerable children one of the organizations top priorities.

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From Gardener to Graduate
Joy is one of our International College Scholars Program students, currently studying in the U.S. She was first introduced to IPI in 2011 when she began working as a gardener on-site at IPI-Kenya. She has an amazing story to share about how you, our supporters, have helped her achieve her dreams of receiving a college education, and returning to Kenya to reinvest in her community. Here is her story:

I am thrilled to be one the undergraduate students at the University of Missouri- Kansas City (UMKC). Firstly, I would like to greatly thank International Peace Initiatives for the unswerving support along the way. Quality higher education is something I always longed for, although sometimes it seemed to be beyond reach, IPI through the College Scholars Program made my dream a reality. I am humbled and grateful to be one of the ICSP beneficiaries. ICSP has offered timely and constant financial support by paying my education costs, so my studies run smoothly. In addition, through IPI I am able to understand my community's needs and ways to approach some of the situations that my community faces. I hope that by sharing my education journey some people will be encouraged to discover their potential and attain their goals in life.

To begin with, I would like to share a little bit about my life. My sister and I were raised by my mum after our dad's demise in 1998. My mum has always been a strong person who values education very much and she would do anything to make sure we go to school. Unfortunately, a few months before I joined high school, my mum started suffering from asthma and allergic infections which limited her ability to provide for us. This was a huge blow not only to the family but also to my pursuit of quality education. At that time, I felt that my dreams were threatened, but little did I know that it was the beginning of a transformation that would shape my life in a positive way.

2017 Kenya Elections in the News
The upcoming general elections taking place in Kenya on August 8 represent a potentially seminal moment in the country's history.

International Peace Initiatives has always provided peace programs in Kenya and has worked with local grassroots organizations as well. The upcoming Kenya elections in August have impacted the most vulnerable Kenyans. As in past elections, IPI continues to provide training programs to help facilitate peace and a better future for Kenya. This year we have been hosting workshops to prepare participants to become leaders who affect change in their families, schools, communities and the country.

The election brief below is written by IPI Board Member Jeffrey Smith.

Kenya is arguably East Africa's most important country given its vital economic and political importance, as well as its position as a maturing democracy relative to the hardening autocracies that populate the East and Horn of Africa. What is more, the specter of the violent 2007 elections and its aftermath -- which resulted in over 1,000 deaths and brought along with it International Criminal Court indictments against the current president and vice president -- remain at the forefront of many minds. Reports of an uptick of violence and the prevailing 'zero sum political mentality' of leading politicians have Kenyan citizens on edge.


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