• International Peace Initiatives (IPI) is a Kenya and U.S. based organization that is dedicated to supporting and funding initiatives that mitigate the effects of poverty, disease, discrimination and violence. IPI provides Homes for orphans and vulnerable children, supports African grassroots organizations and community leaders, and provides trainings in peace education and conflict resolution. The IPI tools are education, enterprise and empowerment.

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  • I, Dr. Karambu Ringera, first met a group of women who were who were living with HIV/AIDS in July of 2002. The women were meeting at my mother's home and they all were struggling to support themselves and their children. They asked me whether I could assist them in sending the AIDS orphans to school and also if I could help the women living with AIDS get medication...

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  • Rather than an orphanage, the Amani Homes are a community’s effort to keep their own children home in the community where they grew up, which preserves a child’s network of support.

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  • We have some wonderful images to view on our Photo Gallery. Please take the time to look at our inspirational photos.

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  • Travel to Kenya to experience the local culture and customs, the incredible people, and the beauty of its landscapes.

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International Peace Initiatives (IPI) has made helping orphaned and vulnerable children one of the organizations top priorities.

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Photo of Dr. Karambu Ringera  As always there is a lot going on at IPI - check out blog and see our latest news to learn