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General Information about International Peace Initiatives Internships

IPI is a non-profit, NGO working in Kenya. The goal of the organization is peace building at all levels of the human being – health, conflict transformation, economic sustainability, and social well-being.  IPI often has unpaid internships available in Meru, Kenya.

IPI Interns

IPI works with grassroots organizations in Kenya to meet its peace building goals. In Meru, Kenya, interns work closely with the IPI Kenya office and the Amani Community Children’s Home. In addition, interns have the opportunity to visit other women’s and grassroots organizations in Meru in order to get a broader perspective of the issues with which women are struggling in this part of Africa.

IPI Interns will:

1.  apply their classroom experiences to real life situations in a challenging environment – the HIV/AIDS pandemic – and the ways in which it has affected individuals, families and the community,

2.  assess current HIV/AIDS prevention, intervention, and treatment efforts in Meru and evaluate how community members are benefiting from the initiatives,

3.   learn from and share knowledge with the community through interaction with the HIV positive women,

4.  identify how recipients of services connected to AIDS think care could be improved,

5.  compare local knowledge to research and international models from global North and global South,

6.  learn about how AIDS provides both life challenges and opportunities, and impacts all members of the international community,  and

7.  interact with the children at the Amani Community Children’s Home to provide a cultural exchange by sharing humor, games, art, stories and each other’s company.

Overall, this is an excellent opportunity for interns to learn, first-hand, from members of the community as well as share their knowledge with the community. Interns are given the opportunity for a wide range of experiences such as:

  • Living with a Kenya family
  • Visiting HIV positive women in our program
  • Working with the children in the area
  • Interacting with women in the women’s groups around Meru
  • Visiting schools the children in our program attend
  • Visiting and working at the local hospice and University hospital/clinic
  • Visiting Meru district administrators for interviews on the government initiatives to combat    AIDS in Meru and Kenya in general.

Supervision Plan:

•    Interns are each assigned a local host, a woman selected by the IPI-Kenya staff, who takes  her/him to meet different families in the area and helps with any intercultural challenges related to language, food, and cultural norms.
•    Dr. Karambu Ringera, the Coordinator of the Internship program, conducts an initial interview, helps design the learning activities and assessment of learning for each intern, and observes interns as they spend time in the community.
•    In addition, Dr. Ringera acts as mentor, sharing her own knowledge and experiences, and provides support and guidance as needed.

Previous IPI Internships/Volunteers

Since 2004, when the first interns visited IPI in Kenya, we have hosted many interns and volunteers who have worked in the areas of HIV/AIDS, women's empowerment, women's health, children's welfare, spiritual growth, the environment, peace-building, sustainable development, alternative energy, and organic farming/permaculture.

In the same period, IPI hosted two women from Boulder, Colorado who wanted to experience (they called it ‘to witness’) life with families affected by AIDS and to be a support system for them by listening with compassion to their stories of challenge and courage.  There have been many more such experiences in the years since.

IPI is committed to provide experiential intercultural exchanges for grassroots social change. Contact us to discuss the opportunities.

Apply for an Internship

Please contact Dr. Karambu Ringera for more information on internships,

by email: ( )

or write to Dr. Ringera at the U.S. address:

International Peace Initiatives
P.O. Box 17415
Boulder, CO 80204

Include in your correspondence:

1.    A resume.
2.    A one page statement explaining why you are interested in an internship with International     Peace Initiatives. Describe your relevant experiences, how you think you can contribute to our efforts, how an internship might contribute to your education, and any special skills you have.
3.    The dates, days and times you anticipate being available.
4.    A brief writing sample (maximum four pages; shorter is better).
5.    Three references with phone numbers, email addresses and professional titles.
6.    If applying by email, note INTERNSHIP APPLICATION in the subject line.