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Community Support Initiaives (CSI):
uses the participatory and community-based development model to enable women to become financially independent. The grassroots women’s groups pool their savings from firewood collection or other local resources and give the money to a different group member each month. Since the first Firewood group was formed, IPI has worked with women to form other groups working with crafts, jewelry, and artifact made from a variety of local resources. IPI’s role in supporting such initiatives proposed by the women themselves (who know what they need for their own future growth) is to provide initial seed money, perhaps $50, in the form of a mini-grant, to infuse capital into their project ideas. IPI helps market the women's products which in turn earns them an income which empowers them to greatly improve their lives and break the cycle of poverty. These small successes become the basis for applying for larger grants and micro-lending opportunities from foundations and other sources of funding.

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