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Amani Children“Amani” means “peace” in Swahili. These are community-based homes, which represent a new way of thinking about orphans.

Amani HomeRather than orphanages, the Amani Homes are a community’s effort to keep their own children home in the community where they grew up, which preserves a child’s network of support. Children can continue to attend their local school and maintain close relationships with extended families while housing, food, education funding and training are provided by the Amani Home family.

Community members contribute to aspects of the Amani Home so that local endorsement and sustainability is assured. The Children’s Home is committed to wise use of environmental resources and is designed to be self-sustaining through a network of cottage industries. IPI, in partnership with Skansen Construction, UK and volunteers from Alpine Initiatives, US has completed our first Amani Home and, with these partners, IPI is committed to building several more Children’s Homes in the region.

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